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July 2015
  • 6.5%
    CA Unemployment
  • 0.3%
    One Month Change
  • -1.4%
    Year Over Year
  • 5.6%
    US Unemployment

Aug. 28, 2015
Personal income increased $67.1 billion, or 0.4 percent, and disposable personal income (DPI) increased $61.5 billion, or 0.5 percent, in July, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $37.4 billion, or 0.3 percent. In June, personal income increased $59.4 billion, or 0.4 percent, DPI increased $52.4 billion, or 0.4 percent, and PCE increased $31.8 billion, or 0.3 percent, based on revised estimates.
Aug. 27, 2015
Gross domestic product, the broadest sum of goods and services produced across the economy, expanded at a 3.7% seasonally adjusted annual rate in the second quarter of 2015, the Commerce Department said Thursday, up from the initial estimate of 2.3% growth.
Aug. 26, 2015
An alternative measure of economic output, gross domestic income, advanced at a much slower 0.6% pace last quarter. By that gauge, economic growth barely inched ahead in the first half of the year. (GDI advanced at 0.4% pace in the first quarter versus a 0.6% increase for GDP.)
Aug. 24, 2015
More than most states, California depends heavily on taxing the wealthy, pulling about half its income tax revenue from just 1% of residents in recent years. A sustained, significant fall in capital gains could mean a return to budget crises, and the turmoil on Wall Street is a reminder of that vulnerability.
Aug. 21, 2015
A new study from the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute has ranked the regulatory climate for small businesses in California the worst out of all 50 states -- and the Bay Area is a prime example of why.